• Image of Brothers Forever [ Shirt ]
  • Image of Brothers Forever [ Shirt ]

Brothers Forever

I would say that this is probably my most sought after design.

Not only because it unites all Vietnam Veterans as Brothers, but also because it has all of the elements that you would have encountered during your "stay" in Vietnam.

Helicopters flank both sides of the design. The palm trees, and of course the word veteran in barbed wire.

The vibrant colors make this design stand out on any color shirt and should certainly be included in your collection of Vietnam t-shirts!

We even have a matching patch and window decal! Take a look on our other pages.

Vietnam veteran is a phrase used to describe someone who served in the armed forces of participating countries during the Vietnam War.

The term has been used to describe veterans who were in the armed forces of South Vietnam, the United States armed forces, and countries allied to them, whether or not they were actually stationed in Vietnam during their service.

However, the more common usage distinguishes between those who served "in country" and those who did not actually serve in Vietnam by referring to the "in country" veterans as "Vietnam veterans" and the others as "Vietnam era veterans". The U.S. government officially refers to all as "Vietnam era veterans".